March 20, 2008 - 9:41 am
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In more thinking about patterns, I recalled that my baby got me a spirograph set last xmas because I had mentioned I wanted one. I had never busted it out to play, so I busted it out today. It's a really antique set from the late 1960s. The box has a pricetag that reads $2.88. Amazing.

Vintage Spirograph 1967

Spirograph is a fun and mind-numbing activity because no matter what combination of discs you use, you will always end up with a pretty and symmetrical looping beauty. But if you want to achieve a very specific pattern and size, you will have to be observant and think about which loop matches which disc; or just do a bunch of experiments.

I was thinking about how spirograph designs can be applied to surface pattern designs. To screenprint them it would seem like an impossible task. How would you create the template without using photo emulsion (which I haven't got the means for yet)? I guess for now I can only stick with little notecards and such using hand-drawn spiros.

Etsy is a good source of inspiration for these things.

I haven't done anything in the past two three days 'cause I've been too "beddy" (zzz) and too "smashy" (Smash Bros).


Hey there,

do you know where I can get one of these old Spirograph sets? I love those ones, the sets nowadays are horrible. Im a woodcarver and am searching for such a spiral set to create carving designs. But all I can find is trashy sets, which are expensive.

Sorry for my english, it is not my native language :)

I would really appreciate any help, thx in advance,

Cheers Anni

Hi Anni,

I would recommend eBay! That is where I got my old set. I agree, the new sets are terrible and do not have enough wheels.

Since you seem to be from "Deutschland", how about this? http://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?_nkw=spirograph

Oh, by the way, I'd love to see your woodcarving! What carvings do you do? I just started carving simple tools, and I love it!