portable letterpress kit vs homemade press

Who doesn't love letterpress? And now pretty much anyone can own their own letterpress with Lifestyle Crafts' new Letterpress Combo Kit, available for $134.99 at Oh My Crafts!.

While I love this new age of bringing artisan crafts to the everyday consumer (die-cuts, embossing, you name it), usually the limitations of these converted products are still very prevalent.

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new goodies

This weekend was full of fun and goodies!

I don't know what planet I had been in, for this weekend was the first time I went to the LA Fashion District! I can't believe I had been missing out on sooo much. Especially Michael Levine. Can I please have the whole store? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

This weekend was also my first time at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This place r0x0rz. There are some very nice and rare vintage stuff there. I got some sweet dealz, check em out.… [ read more ]

unpacking of Gocco PG-11

Packing of one thing leads to the unpacking of another. I think I'm kind of a packrat.

My Gocco came!!! In super sonic speeds!!! Wow printaddictjapan is awesome. My order was shipped three days ago and I got it TODAY, from JAPAN. I sent her a million emails too, 'cause I kept adding to the order and changing my selection of ink colors.

I've been glowing all night long (it's probably the 96F weather) with twinkly eyes messing with every little bit of the Gocco set--carressing every box of ink and studying the manual. This item was a gift from my baby <3. I am spoiled.… [ read more ]

more good stuffs

I don't like to use bar soap. But if I did, these would be my soap of choice:

They smell and look soooo good. I just want to take a big chomp out of them. Especially the watermelon one. I plan to put these in an ice cream tub or popsicle box and wrap it up for a birthday present. [ read more ]


In more thinking about patterns, I recalled that my baby got me a spirograph set last xmas because I had mentioned I wanted one. I had never busted it out to play, so I busted it out today. It's a really antique set from the late 1960s. The box has a pricetag that reads $2.88. Amazing.

Vintage Spirograph 1967

Spirograph is a fun and mind-numbing activity because no matter what combination of discs you use, you will always end up with a pretty and symmetrical looping beauty. But if you want to achieve a very specific pattern and size, you will have to be observant and think about which loop matches which disc; or just do a bunch of experiments.… [ read more ]