february calendar

Here's the free downloadable February calendar! Come check them out right here. [ read more ]

january calendar

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and got to make and receive lots of crafty gifts! Now that Santa has come and gone, we get to look forward to the next occasion soon arriving--new year. For January's calendar, I thought I'd do something a little more cheery to warm up the chilly weather, and give homage to one of the star flowers of winter--pansies.

Here's the free downloadable January calendar! Come check them out right here. [ read more ]

december calendar

Starting with this December, I'll be releasing a monthly desktop calendar. Free! Come get your first calendar right here. [ read more ]

summer cleaning giveaway winners

A thousand apologies for keeping you guys waiting! Wow it has been so chaotic for me lately. If you've read my previous entry you'll know what I'm talking about... Between trying to do damage control on my systems and doing on my web work and maintaining hyperart, I've barely even had time to step outside of the apartment!

Anyways. There were so many great comments by you folks! I saw several idea suggestions for tote bags. It's funny, because this morning, while I was half asleep in bed, I thought of a good tote bag idea. Perfect! Once I can clear some time up again I'll work on a free tutorial for this.… [ read more ]

summer cleaning giveaway

Time to do a little summer cleaning! I've got so many products and crafted goodies lying around that I'm starting to run out of space to even craft! So, to help drive a little traffic here and there, and to help you enjoy your summer, I have a few giveaways.

Three prizes will go to three lucky winners, they are the following (pictures below):… [ read more ]